This auction is for a fundraising event entitled Top Cat & Tails. Four local animal welfare organizations (Amigos de Animales, Los Mininos Cat Sanctuary, Salvadores de Animales, and La Casa de los Animales) are raising funds to support community efforts to sterilize local cats, provide food, housing, veterinary care, and adoption services for homeless cats and kittens, and provide support for feral cats in the Boquete community.

Did you know…

  • That two unsterilized cats can produce up to 57,000 offspring over ten years and multiple generations?
  • That 50% of homeless kittens die within their first year, and that the average homeless cat only lives two years before it succumbs to disease and starvation?
  • That cats are major predators of birds, which is a concern in a region internationally known for its bird population?
  • That stressed, malnourished, and sick cats can transmit over 17 diseases to humans, and can represent a threat to public health?

By highlighting the arts community in this event, we will strengthen community ties and benefit one another in our efforts to create a vibrant town. So we are reaching out to you, the arts community, to support us in this work and to celebrate the cultural richness of our region.